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How to Succeed in Interviews

So you’ve landed an interview, and you’re thinking... “how on earth will I get this job? I have no idea what to expect!”.


Well, we’re here for you. We understand how daunting interviews can be and how hard it is to prepare for them.


That’s why we’ve created, ‘How to Succeed in Interviews’, an event that incorporates workshops, networking and personal branding.


Strategy& and Lazard will be running behavioural and technical workshops to give you insights into how to succeed in interviews. In addition, Credit Suisse will be ready to answer all your questions in the networking session (including sushi!).


You’ll even come away with your very own professional headshot. This is a very important factor in developing your LinkedIn presence and developing your credibility online.


Event Structure:

6:00-6:30: Registration and head shots

6:30-7:15: A behavioural workshop with one of our sponsors

7:15-7:45: Sushi and networking with our sponsor representatives

7:45-8:30: A technical/case study workshop with our sponsors

8:30: Event ends and another opportunity to get your own professional headshot taken for your LinkedIn Profile


We encourage all Melbourne University students who want exposure into common interview processes. This event will help you practice your interview skills and give you insights into what companies will be looking for in candidates.


Event Summary:

Date: Tuesday 16th April

Time: 6:00pm-8:30pm

Location: FBE Level 2

Dress code: Business Casual

Price: $10 for members (ticket price includes workshops, headshot, and catering). Service fee not included.


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We look forward to seeing you there!


~ BoW